Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green Chair 2005 - Korean Hot Film

Green Chair 2005 - Korean Hot Film
Movie Synopsis
Mun-he (Suh Jung) is 32 years old and has an affair with Suh Hyun (Shim Ji-ho), who is only 19. The catch being that in Korea you are a minor in respect to sex until you are 20. So Mun-he is convicted of statutory rape – even though the boy was more than willing. She is convicted to 100 hours of community service

Movie Info
Title : Green Chair
Director : Cheol-su Park
Writer : Jun-han Kim
Genre : Drama | Romance
Release : 10 June 2005 (South Korea)

Movie Cast
Jung Suh as Kim Mun-hee
Ji-ho Shim as Seo-hyun
Yun-hong Oh as Su-jin

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